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[Group Order]Metal Charm

Okay, it seems like I can't help myself but doing this lol
Movic is apparently trying to steal away my money :P
But I can't help since their AyA items are awesome...
So here's another group order for the Metal Charm that's gonna be released next month!

Release Date: April 5th, 2012
Shipping Date: Mid April, 2012
Item Size: Approximately 5.5cm(around 2in)
Price: $15 per charm(Includes item+EMS shipping from Japan to US)+Paypal fee
          -I ship from US. Shipping price from me to you is not included. It will be asked once item arrives.

Alice?- geminis27, nierly(backup), molapi(backup 2)
Mad Hatter- starzspark, nierly(backup)
Cheshire Cat- glitteringloke, hiroxxbloody(backup), 
White Rabbit- molapi, khibz(backup), 
March Hare- geminis27,
Queen of Hearts- 
Knave of Hearts- 
Tweedle 1- starzspark
Tweedle 2
White Knight-
Duchess- geminis27,
Mary Ann(Alice Liddell)- 

Right now I am planning on ordering 1 box, but people are free to ask for backups. If all slots for Set 1 is filled and Set 2 has more than 50% backups, I'll be ordering a second box as well.

Payment for Item&EMS Shipping from Japan to US+paypal fee needs to be paid in advance. You will have 24hrs to pay for the charm or else it will be given to anybody who is next in line. Once payment is paid, you cannot dropout so please be 100% sure you know that you want these charms :)

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